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November 24, 2019 0

Meet her at TEDxBucharestWomen 2019 on December 7th!

Silvia Batorii

Girls who code are awesome. Girls who dream about space travel are awesome. Girls who love science and engineering are awesome.

So, how do you fuel a child’s passion to make sure she becomes a BOLD+BRILLIANT woman?

Here is the recipe that worked for Silvia Batorii:

Encourage your girl if she has a passion for technical stuff. Silvia Batorii quickly got the nickname Minitehnicus as a child after creating imaginative toys out of Lego bricks or uncovering the mysteries of her first computer.

Don’t isolate children from art. It may not be the most obvious path to encouraging a young future techie but it really helps. Silvia remembers that her artistic experiences helped develop her thinking, creativity and spontaneity. And she also got more courageous in her interactions with people around.

Do as much as you can to expose your child to the right teacher. Silvia Batorii’s physics professor used to tell jokes about scientists but also challenged students to think about the applicability of what they learned in class. He created enthusiasm and excitement and that fueled her passion for science.

Allow space for a change of heart. Silvia struggled with programing and it didn’t feel like the right choice for her. She learned a lot by overcoming obstacles, but she was also able to make a significant change. She moved to study robotics and system automation and found her calling.

Many steps later Sivia became a BOLD+BRILLIANT woman who will share with you her first-hand views about space exploration, the secrets of the Universe and the relationship of the cosmos with humankind on the TEDxBucharestWomen stage on December 7th.

Tickets still available on

The content in this article is based on the interview Silvia Batorii gave to in June 2019.

Radu Bucur


November 24, 2019 0

Simona TacheSimona Tache is shifting her perspective. She is transitioning from a well-known journalist and blogger (and her self-confessed love for writing will never fade) to a psychotherapist who is motivated by the change she sees in patients.

You can see her on the TEDxBucharestWomen stage on December 7th.

But till then, here are 4 BOLD+BRILLIANT things you didn’t know about her.

  1. She had second thoughts about her education – during her high school years she didn’t get a clear picture of what she wanted to study for college. She was preparing for Medical School but she quickly realized it was not what she wanted to do. She hesitated between Philosophy, Psychology, Journalism or taking a one-year break to make up her mind. Pushed by her parents, she failed the Foreign Languages exam. After an encouraging talk with her Romanian teacher from high school, she gave an exam at the Faculty of Letters, without her parents knowing, and got in.
  2. She was afraid of writing but she quickly fell in love with it – while working at Humanitas she was tasked with writing letters to a few high schools. Simona recalls not feeling able to put two words together. Later, something changed, and she started writing more and more. She fell in love and that is how she ended up applying and getting a job at Tabu and later at Academia Cațavencu. Now she cannot imagine herself quitting writing. Who knows, maybe she will become a full-time writer. But now.
  3. She became a psychotherapist because she loves people, the way they work and their stories. And she also wants to break the myths and the concerns around therapy and to encourage more people to seek help. One of her great satisfaction is that she can see that therapy works and she enjoys measuring the results.
  4. She never felt like a blogger – many of us know her as a journalist. But we also enjoyed many of her witty, funny or serious blogposts. Yet she does not feel blogging is a real job. She enjoyed the freedom and the benefit of a platform where she could do the thing she loved most but she never liked being identified as a blogger.

You can see Simona Tache’s TEDxBucharestWomen Talk on December 7th. Tickets available on 

The content in this article is based on the interview Simona Tache gave to Andreea Vrabie in “Decât o Revistă” in April 2019.

Radu Bucur

workshop mariana popescu
workshop bocunescu

November 22, 2019 0

We kept our annual tradition and decided to organize extra workshops related to TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis.

Here’s in a couple of pics how you experienced:

  • Talking MATER & TEDxBucharest exclusive event with Mariana Popescu
  • Guided improvisation workshop by Ana Maria Lucaciu
  • Face reading workshop by Alex Bocunescu
  • A conversation over a glass of wine with Dan Burlacu (Metamorfosis Winery)

Thanking our venue partners: Qreator, Linotip, NOD Makerspace and Statia Universitate.



November 22, 2019 0

TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis – 2nd Face Reading workshop with Alex Bocunescu REGISTRATIONS Closed

We know we kept you waiting, but the best things come to those who wait. Speaker and face reading specialist Alex Bocunescu now organizing a second workshop.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 26th, starting at 7 pm

Here is the path to securing your seat: fill the form and make sure you show up!
Limited capacity to 25 attendees – confirmation will be received via email address filled in the form.



November 21, 2019 0

TEDxBucharestWomen – this one-day event shines a spotlight on dazzling ideas and initiatives created by fabulous, trailblazing women. These women preparing to go on stage aren’t waiting for the world to become a better place – they’re making it one.

The line-up includes bold and brilliant women innovating in various fields, from transmedia and society to genetics, from psychology to mental wellness and awareness. The event also includes fresh speeches from TEDWomen2019 global and extra surprises.

Here are the first names to make this a day to remember:

Ioana Mischie
Transmedia artist & Futurist

Romanian-born transmedia artist and futurist, awarded for filmmaking, cinematic VR, interactive concepts. At TEDxBucharestWomen she will present her latest developments of Government of Children – A Manifesto for Tangible Utopias.
read more

Andreea Cătana
Medical Teacher, Scientist, Genetics Mastermind

We are proud to have her among the TEDxBucharestWomen in December and curious to find out more about her approach on ethics of high tech in medical genetics.
read more

Simona Tache
Therapist, journalist, scriptwriter, digital storyteller

She recently reinvented her path by becoming a therapist and psychologist. She promises a versatile speech, able to make us feel bolder and more brilliant, overcome obstacles and going forward in life without fear.
read more

Yolanda Crețescu
Journalist, scriptwriter, digital storyteller & therapist

She is a psychologist and Adlerian therapist, president of Happy Minds Association and creator of depreHUB. Yolanda is the restoring specialist, giving us hints on how to fix what’s broken inside us while continuing to live life at its fullest.
read more

TEDxBucharestWomen 2019 will be no less than a joyful, thought-provoking celebration of smarts, savvy and diverse dynamism created by bold and brilliant women. And you are invited to join us on December 7th at MNAR Auditorium (National Art Museum of Romania – Auditorium Hall).
Agenda, speakers, line-up, and tickets are online, updating as we move closer to the event day. Full day event pass is 150 RON, available on the website.



November 18, 2019 0
We’re ending the year in a BOLD+BRILLIANT way: TEDxBucharestWomen.
This one-day event shines a spotlight on dazzling ideas and initiatives created by fabulous, trailblazing women. They aren’t waiting for the world to become a better place—they’re making it one.
Join us in championing bold & brilliant women and girls.
Save the date and place: December 7th, MNAR (Auditorium), 11 PM to 5 PM.
Soon, we’ll launch the full schedule and line-up. Stay tuned 🙂



November 16, 2019 0

We’ve set up 4 wonderful workshops for you, make sure you sign-up and show up because they are limited to 20 participants each.

Talking MATER & TEDxBucharest exclusive event with Mariana Popescu

When: Monday, November 18th, 11 AM

Where: NOD Makerspace (Splaiul Unirii 160)  

Mariana Popescu, architect and postdoctoral researcher has a strong passion for the fabrication process, use of materials in unusual contexts and experimentation. Mariana will share her experience from multidisciplinary projects while designing solar cars, fully self-sustaining houses or parametric design processes in the Netherlands.

The event addresses young designers, architects, engineers, students. 

The format will mix her thematic speech with a dedicated Q&A session. 

Limited capacity for 20 ppl. 

registration closed

Guided improvisation workshop by Ana Maria Lucaciu

When: Monday, November 18th, 12 – 2 PM

Where: Linotip Independent Choreographic Studio (Universul Palace, Ion Brezoianu no 23-25)

Content: Ana will use images and sensations to open-up and explore the possibilities of the physical and mental body. Suitable for amateurs, able to decide on difficulty level and involvement. 

Limited capacity for 20 ppl. 

registration closed

(Full capacity reached) Face reading workshop by Alex Bocunescu

When: Monday, November 18th, 7 – 9 PM 

Where: Qreator (8A Aviatorilor Blvd) 

Learn how face muscles correlate with emotional responses and behaviors. Get the best tips to uncover what’s behind people’s facial expressions and improve your communication skills.

Limited capacity for 20 ppl. 

registration closed – 2nd workshop to be announced soon

A conversation over a glass of wine

When: Monday, November 18th, 7 PM

Where: Qreator (8A Aviatorilor Blvd)

An immersion in the life, taste and intricacies of wine, with a parallel between business and everyday life. Dan Burlacu(Viile Metamorfosis) prepared a wine tasting workshop designed to indulge your palates.

Limited capacity for 20 ppl.

registration closed



November 12, 2019 0

Do you suffer from emotional exhaustion or a sense of detachment from others? Do you sometimes think of yourself as ineffective at work? In this case, you have probably met the big and ugly monster called “burnout”. He creeps in silently, with some tiredness and maybe small focusing problems at work and, without you even noticing, you are exhausted all the time, you suffer from insomnia and you are not able to leave your professional life where it belongs: at work. We know, this article doesn’t sound very cheerful and it shouldn’t be. With more and more people suffering from this condition, we need to take action – for us and for others.

It’s hard to have all the answers when talking about burnout, but we believe that there are some very good practices you may want to start doing from today on to help you put your mind at ease. Like all good psychological advice, you should start by accepting you are suffering from burnout – we can’t emphasize enough about the importance of this step because, without it, all the actions might become superficial. Moving on to the physical part of defeating this condition, you can increase the quality of your thoughts by doing cardio exercises or yoga. These will not only make you healthier and increase the quality of your sleep, but they will also help you fight anxiety attacks that come with the burnout.

On the other hand, you should focus more on practicing mindfulness – by going for a mindful walk or a session of meditation, you will be able to live in the present and worry less about your work, missing deadlines and so on. Last, but not least, talk with people about what you’re going through – even if your brain tells you that’s shameful to share this kind of information with somebody else, it might make a huge difference to your whole mood – especially if you talk with your manager, a wellbeing specialist or a therapist.

We encourage you to keep in mind that miracles don’t happen overnight, so don’t lose your mojo after one walk or one meditation session because defeating the burnout monster requires practice and repetition. We trust you, knock it out!

photography & retouch: Bogdan Mocanu, Oana Bardan -


Piata doreste din ce in ce mai mult immersive experiences

Paul Bulencea

November 11, 2019 0
TEDxBuxharest: La absolvirea masterului in turism la Salzburg University of Applied Science ai primit titlul de Best University Graduate din partea Camerei de Comert a Austriei. Cum ti-a influentat acest aspect cariera?
Paul Bulencea: In afara de faptul ca m-a facut mai atractiv pe piata muncii nu cred ca m-a ajutat foarte mult. Am primit oportunitati de angajare in Austria pe care le-am refuzat. Cred ca acest titlu a influentat-o cel mai mult pe mama mea. Ea s-a bucurat cel mai mult si a fost o experienta de care este mandra. Prin prisma ei m-am bucurat si eu.

TEDxBuxharest: Simti ca tu ai ales tehnologia sau ea te-a ales pe tine?

Paul Bulencea: Cateodata cele mai bune raspunsuri sunt intrebari. Aceasta intrebare mi-a adus aminte de ceva ce a a intrebat Yuval Noah Harari: Credeti ca noi am domesticit graul sau graul ne-a domesticit pe noi?

TEDxBuxharest: Care crezi ca sunt cele mai importante trenduri in gamification in 2019-2020?
Paul Bulencea: De fiecare data cand aud cuvantul trend simt nevoia sa il citez pe Mark Twain – Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Piata doreste din ce in ce mai mult “immersive experiences” – experiente gandite sa creeze o stare de prezenta prelungita a participantilor. Cred ca acest trend a crescut pe fondul unei crize de prezenta si spiriualtitate; lipsa relatiilor bine dezvoltate si a unui scop definit in viata. Acolo trebuie sa lucram, de fapt.

TEDxBuxharest: Ce a reprezentat pentru tine si cariera ta faptul ca ai fost ales sa faci parte din topul Forbes “30 Under 30”?
Paul Bulencea: Nu consider ca s-au schimbat foarte multe pentru mine si cariera mea care sa aiba legatura directa cu Forbes 30 under 30. Am legat doua prietenii cu personaele din top. Labelul 30 under 30 poate ajuta uneori sa comunice pentru persoanele care nu ma cunosc ca stiu ceva despre antreprenoriat sau domeniul meu de expertiza.

TEDxBuxharest: Care consideri ca au fost momentele cheie in cariera ta cand deciziile pe care le-ai luat atunci ti-au influentat radical parcursul profesional. De ce?
Paul Bulencea: 

  • Lucrul ca instructor de snowboard timp de patru sezoane. A fost primul job in care cream experiente transformationale.
  • Voluntariatul in AIESEC. Am reusit sa lucrez la proiecte si sa invat de la o comunitate internationala foarte devreme in viata. M-am dezvoltat ca public speaker si am facut primii pasi in leadership by failing to lead.
  • Dupa prezentarea lucrarii de dizertatie la World Travel Market in Londra am fost abordat de un membru al publiculu, Steven Klimek, sa vorbim mai multe despre engagement design. Am ramas in Londra pentru trei saptamni si am lucrat impreuna zi de zi. Am lansat un start-up cu el.  Cu pornirea si inchiderea primului start-up, am invatat cum functioneaza o echipa si cum functionez eu intr-un mediu plin de nesiguranta.
  • Alegerea unui mentor, Roman Egger,  in mediul academic, Am scris impreuna Gamification in Tourism: Designing Memorable Experiences. Cartea m-a catapultat in lume ca fiind expert in domeniu meu. Dupa lansarea cartii am ajuns sa lucrez imediat cot la cot pe mega-proiecte cu world-class experts.
  • La o conferinta unde am fost invitat ca speaker in Solvenia l-am cunoscut pe Claus Raasted – un inovator gloal care crea experiente tip live action roleplay. M-a invitat la o experienta immersive, creata de compania lui, numita College of Wizardry. Aici, timp de patru zile am jucat rolul de student la o scoala de magie. Participarea in aceasta experienta a schimbat tot pentru mine. Atunci mi-am dat seama ca tot ce am scris in carte despre “memorable experience design” a existat in aceasta experienta. Din acel moment am inceptu sa colaborez cu Claus la crearea de zeci de experiente pe tot globul si lucram impreuna pana astazi.
  • Implementarea primului proiect immersive in Abu Dhabi impreuna cu Claus si compania lui: Legends of Arabia. A fost momentul cand mi-am dezvoltat abilitatile de producator. Si acest proiect a pus bazele unei colaborari de lunga durata cu Claus.
  • Angajarea primei persoane, Phlipp Jacobius. Dupa patru ani a ajuns sa fie partener principal in business.
  • Entuziasmul lui Mark Ordesky (producator executiv Lord of the Rings), Jane Flemming (producer The Quest) si a lui Joe Pine (co-author The Experience Economy) pentru a ne ajuta pe mine si Claus sa lansam The College of Extraordinary Experiences. Interesul si entuziasmul lor ne-a dat un boost pentru acest proiect care astazi a ajuns la cea de-a cincea editie.
  • Calatoritul in medie cam in 4-5 tari pe luna in ultimii patru ani m-a ajutat sa particip in diferite roluri (consultant, producator, participant, speaker, facilitator, etc.) in foarte multe experiente. Una dintre cele mai intense a fost sa fiu participant intr-o experienta de formatie de rock-staruri. Eu eram parte din anturajul unei formatii “faimoase” in tur in Statele Unite si aveam concerte in timp ce eram in acest rol. Timp de o saptamana am cutreierat Route 66 din Chicago pana in Los Angeles si am avut sase concerte diferite. Oamenii de la concert nu au stiut niciodata ca noi jucam un rol. Toate aceste experiente m-au ajutat sa devin sa devin un designer mai bun si sa invat niste lucruri esentiale despre viata.
  • Un burn-out. Cred ca aceasta experienta m-a ajutat sa cresc cel mai mult. Am invatat ca extraordinarul se afla in fiecare moment si ca cel mai bun design de experienta este experienta care nu necesita design deloc. M-am inconjurat de mentori si relatii bazate pe vulnerabilitate, imi dedic foarte mult timp pentru activitati artistice si nu mai sunt dur cu mine orice s-ar intampla. Noua mantra in aceasta etapa a vietii a devenit: finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and love of missing out.
  • Scrierea cartii despre Guding Transformations cu Dr. Barbara Neuhofer. Scrisul acestei carti ma ajuta foarte mult in primul rand sa imi dau seama cum doresc sa imi traiesc viata si cum pot sa aplic ce am invatat intr-un context mai mare.

TEDxBuxharest: La ce sa ne asteptam de la noua ta carte scrisa cu  Dr. Barbara Neuhofer ?

Paul Bulencea: O carte care exploreaza ce inseamna transformarea psihologica si cum se realizeaza ea. Cartea abordeaza adevarata calatorie asa cum o defineste Marcel Proust: The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

TEDxBuxharest: Cum se pozitioneaza pe piata The College of Extraordinary Experiences si cum ti-a venit ideea ?

Paul Bulencea: The College of Extraordinary Experiences se pozitioneaza ca o experienta incredibila care te ajuta sa creezi experiente incredibile. Ideea s-a bazat pe faptul ca prea multe conferitne in lume se bazeaza pe consumul pasiv al informatiei. Dorinta de a schimba paradigma de la cosumatori la participanti se afla la baza ideii de start.

TEDxBuxharest: Cum ai defini o experienta transformationala si ce reprezinta ea pentru tine?

Paul Bulencea: Adevarata experienta transformationala trebuie sa se intample doar o singura data. Experienta reprezinta un moment declansator intr-o noua etapa a viettii. O etapa de pace interioara. Munca importanta nu se afla in experienta declansatoare de transformare ci in mentinerea si cimentarea transformarii declansate. Lucru ia forma de ritualuri/ obiceiuri zilnice.

TEDxBuxharest: Cum ar arata pentru tine designul perfect si de ce?
Paul Bulencea: Design-ul perfect se realizeaza atunci cand designer-ul de experienta ajunge sa isi dea seama ca totul este perfect in orice moment al vietii. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry a spus ca ce este esential este invizibil ochiului. Atunci cand reusim sa simtim lucrurile esentiale o sa devenim designerii perfecti.

TEDxBuxharest: Ce iti doresti cel mai mult din punct de vedere profesional?
Paul Bulencea: Sa capat cea mai inteleapta abordare asupra timpului investit in proiecte.

Paul Bulencea vine la TEDxBucharest11 cu un Talk-Performance: The Global State of the Awe.



November 10, 2019 0

18+ yo are invited to join the campaign and get the chance to win free access to our 11th TEDxBucharest event.

Here’s how it goes:
STEP 1: you have to visit the pop-up mini-stage at Qreator (Aviatorilor 8A Blvd., Bucharest) and record your one-minute idea that’s meant to inspire an individual or collective #metamorphosis.
STEP 2: our TEDxBucharest team will currate the best ideas and publish the videos on our Facebook page with #QreateMetamorphosis hashtag.
STEP 3: you have to get your friends’ support, likes, shares and comments & you can be a winner.

What’s in it for you?
You get a taste of #IdeasWorthSpreading. The best 10 ideas win double passes for #TEDxBucharest11. Everyone who records his/ her idea gets a 40% discount to any TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis pass.

The campaign is active November 1st to November 15th (3 PM). Winners will be announced on November 15th at 7 PM on our TEDxBucharest Facebook page.

So, do you feel inspired today? Visit #Qreator and tell the world how you #QreateMetamorphosis.