Auditorium – MNAC, Bucharest

Bold+Brilliant | 7th December 2019

We ended 2019 in a Bold + Brilliant way: the SOLD-OUT TEDxBucharest Women. This one-day event shined a spotlight on dazzling ideas and initiatives created by fabulous, trailblazing women. The ones who are not waiting for the world to become better, but making it a more inclusive, innovative and brilliant place. Hosted by the wonderful Carla-Maria Teaha, journalist, communicator, actress, organizer of Undercloud Independent Theater Festival and radio presenter of #ROZ on Radio Guerrilla.

Live from TEDWomen

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1 afternoon
6 speakers
1 performance
450 attendees

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The line-up included bold + brilliant women (and men) innovating in various fields, from transmedia and society to genetics, from psychology to mental wellness and awareness, philosophy, cosmos and humanity. The event also included fresh speeches from TEDWomen2019 global and extra surprises.


Ioana Mischie

Awarded for filmmaking, cinematic VR, interactive concepts. Member of Women in Film and Television Los Angeles

How a society envisaged by children would look like

Through her transmedia project, Government of Children, Ioana Mischie, transmedia artist & futurist, proposes a manifesto for civic imagination and tangible utopias. One in which children’s ideas and visions, if heard and taken seriously, could shape our communities in unprecedented ways. Ioana Mischie is a Romanian-born transmedia artist (screenwriter/director) and transmedia futurist, awarded for filmmaking, cinematic virtual reality, and innovative concepts.


Yolanda Cretescu

Yolanda is the president of Happy Minds Association and creator of depreHUB – the first anti-depression hub in Romania

The hidden message of depression

Yolanda shares her educated view on how depression works and how by looking at your life like a puzzle, can give you the hope and solutions to move through it. She is a psychologist and Adlerian therapist, president of Happy Minds Association and creator of depreHUB. Yolanda is the restoring specialist, giving us hints on how to fix what’s broken inside us while continuing to live life at its fullest.


Andreea Cătana

Specialised in oncogenetics research and molecular biology

Homo Sapiens in the new genomic era

In this insightful and science-stemmed talk, Andreea navigates through how genetics and the human genome are shaping our future and how we should look at social movements supporting the improvement of the human species by the use of technology. Andreea is a former graduate of Carol Davila Medicine & Farmacy University and currently teacher within General and Dental Medicine university chair.


Simona Tache

Therapist, former journalist, TV scriptwriter, author of and humoristic best-sellers

Why we are not more daring

Simona recently reinvented her path by becoming a therapist and psychologist. She promised a versatile speech, about the things that, sometimes, prevent us from moving boldly forward. Subsequently, she shared her own view and personal story on how our fears hold us back. The fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, the fear of death and the fear of moving on and so much more. We are more powerful than we actually believe.


Mario Barangea

Mario is preparing his Ph.D. in Platon psychology while encouraging people to be free thinkers.

The feminine archetype and its attributes

Mario takes us on an argumentative voyage from his formation years to reinterpreting the current feminine archetype and how it interconnects with masculinity. In his own words: let’s discover how femininity is a cultural surplus to a biological plus. Mario is a lecturer and describes himself as a free thinker. His academic background includes religious studies and philosophy. He is currently preparing for his Ph.d in Platon psychology, while encouraging people to be free thinkers and become the best, most authentic version of themselves.


Denisia Călin

She guides us to look inside ourselves more often with a spectacularly synesthetic moment.

This is how my heart sounds

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to taste colours, or to hear them? Or hear sounds when looking at letters? Denisia tells us how she discovered, studied and now creates art based on her very peculiar condition called “synesthesia“, a neurological condition blending the perception of two or more senses. Denisia Călin lives and works as an artist in Bucharest, is co-founder of the Garaj Gallery artist-run space and Contemporan Hair Space.


Ana Coman

Young and talented singer and performer

Ludic performance inspired by Bold+Brilliant women

One of the cool emergent musical acts of this year joined us on stage. Ana Coman, performer and songwriter. She started singing at “Ana are cântec” on Radio Guerrilla, at first covers and then evolving into a songwriter in her own rights. With live concerts in hot locations and festivals like Expirat, Control, Femei pe Mătăsari, Rocanotherworld, Electric Castle and Focus in The Park, Ana launched her 3rd single in September 2019: “Contratimp”.

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