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May 6, 2020 0

Get ready for the first New Times, New Ways online event!

We’re bringing on the virtual stage inspirational figures and top-notch specialists, ground shakers and world movers.Talks, conversations and moderated Q&As will shed light on the new normal, where we stand and how to act individually and collectively.





🎯 Register here until 3 PM:

What’s in it for you:

☑️ 3 hours of great ❤️ content

☑️ live q&a sessions

☑️ networking

☑️ specially curated performances with Qreator

☑️ extra TED curated moments

❤️Check the full agenda, speakers and great topics below!

Check-in the Facebook event and ask what you want to know from our speakers 👉 New Times, New Ways

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Roxana Marin


May 5, 2020 0

Last hours till our first New Times, New Ways online event and we are now ready to introduce our host of the day, Andrei Dinu. In his position as Licensee and organizer of TEDxBucharest, Andrei mixes his passion for genuinely mind-expanding ideas with the desire to explore new ways and avenues. Connecting valuable people is in his nature, fostering creative sparks in his portfolio. He’s been part of the TED and TEDx family since its Romanian inception, back in 2009. Now navigating this new reality and the switch to the digital realm. Join our 3 hours event and get inspired by ideas worth spreading. 

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Roxana Marin


May 4, 2020 0

Bogdan Micu started business at the age of 14, selling mountain equipment. Today, he runs his multinational company, with operations spanning over 13 areas and several meridians. Bogdan is currently leading the way towards creating eager, more skilled and more innovative entrepreneurs fighting for causes like Illegal Logging, WildLife conservation, Pollution and many more. In parallel he is also the president of a foundation running reintegration programs for victims of human trafficking, alternative education of disadvantaged children, preservation of wildlife and environmental protection. Bogdan is also a volunteer in the Government’s efforts to buy and distribute medical protection equipment for the nationwide need in Romania caused by the pandemic. Bogdan Micu, welcome to New Times, New Ways! 

Registrations still open here. 

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Roxana Marin


May 4, 2020 0

Our third addition to this first New Times, New Ways online event is here!

Modulab is a research and development lab based in Bucharest with more than 10 years experience in prototyping. Their early projects focused on interactive installations for art and entertainment (interactive art, interactive museum exhibits, interactive installations for advertising agencies) and then evolved into industrial R&D projects. For the last couple of years, Modulab has prototyped several robots – social and telepresence robots, photobots, swarm robots and industrial robots.

Their latest achievement is the development of a highly adaptable autonomous robotic platform capable of navigating complex environments, avoiding obstacles and collisions, having multiple possible applications: inventory auditing robots, logistics sorter robots, mobile industrial robots, delivery robots etc.

We are so proud to be joined tomorrow by Ioana Calen (Co-founder & Creative Director) and Paul Popescu (Co-founder & Tehnomage).

Don’t forget, by joining our new TEDxBucharest online series, you contribute to a cause bigger than us. The “T” in TED stands for “Technology”, and in these difficult times we need it more than ever to shape New Ways for New Times. We support our friends at Modulab in their endeavor to build and distribute the MUV autonomous robot. It is designed to clean and sterilize hospitals in Romania and help the medical staff fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Here are more details on how you can contribute:
Register on
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Roxana Marin


May 4, 2020 0

This innovator has worked with some of the most progressive ventures in the world. Introducing Ioan Istrate, AI tech advisor and business advisor, with a versatile education at the intersection of business and frontier tech in California, Asia and beyond. Ioan holds an MBA with a Merit Fellowship from UCLA Anderson School of Management, an MA in Geopolitical Studies and BSc in International Economics with honours from Bucharest University of Economics. 

He created Genuine AI lab, with a multidisciplinary team of AI engineers honed in top R&D settings on a global scale. Prior to this, Ioan returned to Romania to co-found CyBourn, a EU-US cybersecurity service provider. Since early 2019, Ioan has been a mentor for early stage start-ups in Unleash+, a global innovation hub. 

Ioan received multiple awards, including Forbes 30under30, both in the US and in Romania. At UCLA, Ioan was elected Vice President of the graduate student body. In 2016, under the leadership of Dr. Harry Kloor, Ioan ‘won’ the XPRIZE Visioneers Program, which led to XPRIZE’s newest flagship project, the $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE. 

He has so many projects on his plate right now, thus his vast experience across industries: designing the EU market entry strategy for a US AI medtech technology, leading a team in 2 commercial due diligence in telecom and technology in Romania, researching 2 economic impact studies in the EU, advising in the $30M Round C for US fintech, developing business plans for 3 robotics/medtech companies.

Register now for New Times, New Ways – Wednesday, May 6th, 3 to 6 PM. And stay tuned, more to come in the upcoming days. 

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Roxana Marin


May 1, 2020 0

Futurist, author and extinction rebel Ed Gillespie is the first to join New Times, New Ways conversation.

Born in Norfolk and trained as a marine biologist, Ed has worked all over the world, from Jamaica to New Caledonia. Most recently, he has been advising Extinction Rebellion, the international movement protesting against climate crisis, biodiversity loss, the risk of human extinction and eco collapse.

Co-founder of Futerra, a change company led and (in majority) owned by women, dedicated to normalizing the conversation on sustainable development. Author of Only Planet, a modernesque, almost jules-verne-fable of a flight-free adventure around the world which opened our minds to the philosophy of sustainable travel before it was fashionable.

Gillespie’s core talent is to take the complex, interconnected, interdependent nature of the many urgent challenges the world faces, from climate change to disruptive competition, and make them permeable and friendly for non-specialist audiences. He often works at C-suite level and helps Corporate Boards understand their role in ‘self-disruption’ and innovation.

He is a credible and experienced voice on numerous future-focused issues: from ‘Big Data’, future of work and the impact of AI, robots and technology, to how climate action must be reframed as a seismic opportunity not just catastrophic threat. A regular media contributor from the BBC to the Guardian, Gillespie is a sought after speaker and host. Since 2001, he has presented all over the world, from Hong Kong to Bratislava, from Korea to Auckland.

Register now for online event New Times, New Ways – Wednesday, May 6th, 3 to 6 PM:

And stay tuned, more to come in the upcoming days.

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Roxana Marin