Fabrica Gastropub, Bucharest

Open Skies. Open Minds | 24th July 2019

TEDxBucharest Salon – Open Skies, Open Minds was a midsummer invitation to recharge, relax and reconnect in the midst of ideas worth spreading. For the 3rd year in a row, we opened minds and inspired change, under the clear skies. The balanced mix of live speeches and carefully curated TED and TEDx recorded talks served as the perfect ideas cocktail before a busy autumn.

Open air – 3rd edition

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1 evening
4 speakers
400 attendees

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4 youthful, still experience speakers graced our TEDxBucharest summer stage. Their ideas worth spreading were mixed with more international inspiration from TED and TEDx talks our team of curators chose to put the light on, for this community event.

Multidisciplinary designer & Art installations creator

Tammy Lovin

What does living in the present mean?

While we think we are living in the present, the objects or services we use or the clothes we wear have been around for decades while designed at a different time. In her talk, Tammy Lovin makes her case for adjusting our lifestyle, consumer behavior and the choices we make to better suit the world we are living in now. She argues for living and consuming objects and services which are designed to fit our current needs, which evolved from decades ago, and pave the way to our personal and collective evolution.


Cristiana Oprea

Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women in Motor Sport

Cristiana’s dream of changing the world as an architect and urban planner gradually transformed into changing the world of motor sports and its views on women in this field, fueled by her newly found passion of competitive rally driving. In this talk, she explores the hardships of women rally drivers, lessons learned and how we can follow our dreams, as crazy as they may sound. After 2 full seasons in the Romanian National Rally Championship, Cristina Oprea became the most active female racing driver in Romania. She’s on a mission to dismantle the “women stereotype”, in motor-sport and in society. Her racing stories, the fun and authentic car reviews and the feminine, empowering daily stories turned Emoticar, her website, in an unique online space. She hopes to encourage other people to be brave and follow their dreams.

Adventurer & Explorer

Vlad Grigore

How adventures can grow you

From the coasts of the US to Ulan Bator, from the Baikal Lake to the Black Sea, Vlad Grigore tells the story of how adventures shape our lives. An avid explorer, Vlad takes us from crossing the frozen Baikal Lake on a motorcycle to rowing in the open ocean. In 2012, he founded Today You Can Do Anything, a community that helps others achieve their dreams and overcome their limits. He experienced The Mongol Rally – one of the Top 10 automotive endurance races and also crossed Baikal Lake on a motorcycle for 1000 km at -35 degrees C. He decided to bring the ocean rowing experience in Romania and created the Black Sea Rowing project, the only ocean rowing boat at the Black Sea.

Entrepreneur & HR Professional

Bianca Ene

Stop being a passenger in you own life

Bianca shares her story of understanding how to better control her life, career and how that shapes her present initiatives. She is a fervent believer in people’s innate goodness and in their ability to move mountains, should they find their best place and do what they love. She’s enabling people to be their best by her practice in corporate HR, through coaching and most importantly through her work at Jobful, the first gamifying recruitment platform in Romania where applicants are more than just numbers and CVs but are people who have the chance to prove their abilities online.
She’s also a passionate promoter of yoga and its practices, after having spent one month in India learning about what it means to be in perfect balance with all your thoughts and actions.

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