Auditorium Pallady, Bucharest

Women March Together | 7th March 2020

All over the world, women are gaining more attention and take charge of their future. In business, sports, leadership, arts and crafts, science, social good, entrepreneurship, you name it. As bona fide forces of change, women are now reinventing their narrative into a more meaningful, self-determined but inclusive conversation.
Women March Together was our collective celebration that went beyond a spring tradition. We are now marching towards a more positive and inspiring outlook on the present and future of women. WMT was not a moment, it was a MOVEMENT with ripples in the years to come.

Salon event

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1 afternoon
8 speakers
1 performance
650 attendees

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These were the impressive humans that stepped on our TEDxBucharestSalon stage on March 7th. Inspirational figures and top-notch specialists, ground shakers and world movers. Speeches on-stage and extra conversations behind the scenes granted our community event.


Mădălina Uceanu

Mădălina basically knows how to get the best out of people in professional contexts.

Career Crossroads, blessings in disguise

Mădălina shared thoughts and tips on why career crises are in reality evolutionary phases: Career Crossroads, blessings in disguise.
Accompanying careers since 1994, Mădălina has witnessed most of the growth stages for the local recruitment market. She trained over 500 people and touched the careers of more than 1000 people. Specialized in business development, recruitment and headhunting strategies, career management, advisory and coaching, employer branding and e-recruitment, Mădălina basically knows how to get the best out of people in professional contexts. With the right imagination that builds long-term visions.


Olivia Vereha

She worked on software design, changed systems for public sector, NGOs & became COO.

“Change“ is a collective noun

Tech has never been more civic and socially aware. Modern societies are investing constantly in tech infrastructures serving the needs of the many. And women are right there, active forces of change. TEDxBucharest spotted this and welcomed Olivia Vereha, COO Code for Romania.
With a solid background in communication, media and user experience design, while being passionate about digital, intuitive products changing the world for the better. She is currently coordinating the Civic Labs, the program incubating and designing solutions for Romania’s most pressing in Education, Environment, Healthcare, Vulnerable Groups, Transparency and Civic Engagement.


Andreea Georgescu

She’s a business owner in Romania. Stand-up comedian in New York. And Qreator Afterparty curator.

The kindness of being funny

Her background is so diverse and nurtures her imagination while writing funny material. Andreea started studying at the University of Pharmacy in Bucharest, but finished Journalism. At the age 23, she joined Ringier, the largest media company in Romania, and launched Unica. Andreea started Webspire, her own digital business consultancy. Performing in New York on the same stage where George Carlin or Jerry Seinfeld, Andreea has collected stand-up comedy shows in over 10 clubs.

Political scientist, philosopher, writer

Mihaela Miroiu

Founder of the first PhD school in political science, women studies and women rights organizations.

Unde am fost și unde suntem? Ce datorăm feminismului?

In this documented and scientific perspective on women and how their narrative changed, political scientist, philosopher and writer Mihaela Miroiu takes us on a journey of feminism impact through the years and how feminine narratives are still changing towards a culture of freedom and authenticity. She wrote more than 14 books on philosophy, politics and literature and received multiple international awards for the fight against discrimination, literature and education.


Sebastian Armean

Sebastian decodes myths on mental health, self-esteem, body image and how we live our corporality.

High heels, high hopes, high expectations. Anything wrong with these representations?

In the chaos of unrealistic female standards, his point of view was meant to complement the array of topics we already lined-up for you. He decoded more myths on mental health, self-esteem, body image and how we live our corporality. In a month dedicated to women’s grace and strength, his ideas raised our awareness and appreciation of what being a contemporary woman really means.


Mădălina Bălan

Helping organizations unlock their leadership and transform potential into real success.

The dark side of our personalities

What is actually holding us back when we are in a position of power? Mădălina shares her views and findings from a business study performed on over 1000 leaders on how the very behaviors which lift us up in life and make us exceptional at our work and in our relationships can trigger a downward, negative spiral impacting our life. Madalina is a business psychologist, senior consultant and Managing Partner for 14 years with Hart Consulting.



Some say she’s our own Florence, we say she’s definitely our Lucia, Romania’s first Youtube sensation.

Special performance for women marching together

Lucia had her breakthrough in 2012 with „Silence”- this single has over 27 million views to date and helped spread her music to legions of fans worldwide. She explores modern indie-pop sounds while carving a niche of her own on the local musical scene. Through her soft, fragile vocals, as well as her heartfelt lyrics, Lucia manages to convey universal questions and experiences, making her music a tremendously relatable journey. If you add the tasteful arrangements to the mix, with lush piano melodies, elegant strings and daring electro beats, you get relevant and contemporary pop songs. Lucia kick-started our spring on a good note.


Ioana Gheorghiță

Ioana navigates through ideas, life, creative methods, behavioral economics.

The super-power of knowing what holds us back

Ioana’s recognitions include awards and nominations in Effie, Cannes Lions, Golden Drum and ADC*RO. With 15 years experience in brand strategy and communication, Ioana works independently and collaborates with advertising agencies, creative teams and brands. Currently, Ioana studies Behavioral Economics and its applications in marketing and communication.
She prepared a versatile moment, navigating through ideas, life, creative methods, behavioral economics, the Polar Circle. Yes, the Polar Circle. An exploratory moment with a lot of creative, yet useful magic on top.


Ilinca Păun

Ilinca genuinely loves teaching, coaching and mentoring young start-up owners, basically the future of Romania.

I learn, there for I am. A love story with ourselves.

Switching from a long career in management to being an entrepreneur was a natural decision for Ilinca Păun. She wanted to build programs in business education for young people and now she’s doing just about that with the Reality University, as people call The Entrepreneurship Academy. Ilinca genuinely loves teaching, coaching and mentoring young start-up owners, basically the future of Romania. Changing the world begins with the new youth.

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