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October 11, 2019 0

We can say our generation is craving for work, but not any type of work, because we are constantly seeking a meaningful one. Our careers don’t necessarily mean a nine-to-five schedule or working in a company with small cubicles and big windows, it might actually mean freelancing or working as a digital nomad instead. With the rising of work flexibility, we are at a crossing point where we also want our jobs to make us happy and give us a purpose. So how can we keep our motivation level high and our mood set to “happy”?

Let us be straight from the very beginning – we don’t have that easy and works-for-all recipe, but we do have some advice that can make you feel happier at work, so here we go.

What we think it is important for your work life is to define what success means to you and connect to your own meaning for doing a job. Besides that, in terms of relations, we strongly believe that human interaction is another key point to create a happy work environment, so we recommend this simple action: thank one of your colleagues each day. This action will set you up for a good mood and you can be sure the other person will also have the warm feeling of being appreciated. However, we kept the best for last – your job is not everything. In order to be truly happy doing your job, you might need an adjustment to your work-life balance. As author and marketer Nigel Marsh says, “If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you, and you may just not like their idea of balance.”

If you are still not sure how to balance your life and bring purpose to your job, you should definitely meet Annastiina Hintsa on November 17th at TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis. Rest assured, we already know her and we bet she will blow your mind!


July 22, 2019 0
  • Speeches will be delivered in English and Romanian, but for those of you who don’t speak Romanian, we will be providing simultaneous translation (only RO to ENG). To benefit from this, please bring your own phone headsets, as we will be using an online app to provide you with the translation feed
  • There are plenty of seats and beanbags for you to rest on while enjoying the show, but there are no seat or table reservations, just meet new people and mingle, you’ll be surprised at who you can meet
  • The chances of rain are very slim (checked with the Weather Institute), so we’re looking at an afternoon of sunshine and open air. Just in case of rain, we have a back-up plan and the event will take place in a covered space in the same building
  • There are no reserved parking spaces around, so make sure to take that into consideration when arriving. Be eco and ride a bike or scooter, be faster and take the subway (Timpuri Noi Subway station) or share a ride directly here. Just make sure to get here in time for the show, we wouldn’t want you to miss anything
  • We’re waiting for you at Fabrica Gastropub – Splaiul Unirii, 160 (ATTENTION – this is NOT the Fabrica venue on 11 Iunie Street). Please use the link below to find your way!