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February 17, 2020 0

In the spirit of always expanding our community of young TEDsters, we are launching the Student Pass for TEDxBucharestSalon – Women March Together. We are all starting something new at this very moment: a new decade for the TEDxBucharest community, a new university semester, new ideas, thus a new inspiration to march throughout this year.

So come on, get your colleagues, squad or crew and join us on March 7th at Auditorium Pallady.

To get the 25 euro/ ticket students dedicated offer, we need to see you are currently attending an academic institution. Give a valid student ID and will give you a promo code and our ❤️ in return (🎁 24 hours via email).

This is how we do it! ➡️ Fill the form!



February 17, 2020 0

Many of you keep asking us for more details about TEDxBucharestSalon – Women March Together, our speakers and performers. We heard you! 📻
So we’re starting this short Q&A dedicated to you, fellow TEDsters. First one with Lucia, enjoy, comment or share.
Or all the above 🤞🤞🤞

Don’t forget, tickets still available for March 7th! Buy yours NOW!

🔺 Q: What are the changes you see in the conversation about women’s voices in the world?
🗣 A: I feel like the conversation is finally being led by women, which is exactly how I feel things need to be. The narrative of women’s role is our narrative, so why should anybody else write it but us? The only downside is that this change is only visible in places of privilege, such as the one my opinion comes from.

🔺 Q: What still needs to be done?
🗣 A: Encouraging girls to know their worth and to speak up from a very young age, even more than we are doing it now. Making sure girls and young women have the opportunity to choose education as a path anywhere in the world.

🔺 Q: With regards to our event theme, Women March Together, what is the glue that links us women to create a better, more conscious world?
🗣 A: Empathy, respect and a deep understanding of what the many forms of wrongdoing and oppression can look and feel like. There’s no such thing as fixing the future if you don’t understand the past and the present.

🔺 Q: What is the story you would say today about women?
🗣 A: A positive, powerful and hopeful story. A story about trust, teamwork and overcoming all types of obstacles.

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February 13, 2020 0

UP your gift game with TEDxBucharest spring experience! We have the best idea for HER gift!

With the upcoming holidays just around the corner, we know what’s on your mind: what’s the perfect present for HER in 2020. We challenge you to flip the script. Don’t just buy a present — choose the TEDxBucharest spring experience!

Tickets’ price will go up at midnight! Make sure you get the best deal!

Who is HER?

  • your partner
  • your BFF
  • your mother
  • your daughter
  • your boss
  • your colleagues
  • anyone you care deeply about


  • Because IT’S about HER: we put women at the forefront with the event theme being Women March Together.
  • Because it’s a more personal, thoughtful, inspiring and contemporary experience.
  • Because the memories she’ll get will last forever. A TEDxBucharest event is a snapshot in time with the greatest ideas and just about the right people to lift her UP.
  • Because scientists say so. Enter hedonic adaptation. It’s the idea that no matter how good a gift makes us feel initially, that feeling begins to fade as the object becomes part of our daily lives. The happiness you get from doing or receiving anything decreases if it becomes routine or expected. Which is why giving an experience really stands out.
  • Because it’s more eco-friendly and socially conscious than buying material stuff. We’re reducing our carbon footprint from one event to another.
  • Because you’re encouraging her to invest time in building a stronger, more imaginative HER. Show her you care.

At Women March Together, she’ll enjoy a strong and inspiring combo:

  • Half a day of ideas worth spreading and intense conversations on: business, wellbeing, physical and mental health, creativity, music, civic and community empowerment, professional and personal development, women in tech, body image, sex, life, vulnerability and strength.
  • The famous TEDxBucharest event experience.
  • A special evening cocktail party hosted by Qreator (surprises included as well).
  • Meeting new like-minded people and getting that perfect event photo to share online.


January 31, 2020 0

This is one of our proudest moments as we are entering the new decade with you. We are ready to introduce the theme of this year’s spring TEDxBucharestSalon: Women March Together.

All over the world, women are gaining more attention and take charge of their future. This is not a moment, this is a movement with ripples in the years to come. In business, sports, leadership, arts and crafts, science, entrepreneurship, social good, you name it. As bona fide forces of change, women are now reinventing their narrative into a more meaningful, self-determined but inclusive conversation.

The topics of this half-day event are relevant and relatable: women of the business world, wellbeing, physical and mental health, women‘s impact in our society and world, creativity, art and design, civic and community empowerment, professional and personal development, family and social ties, minorities and marginalized groups, women in tech and STEM, body image, sex, taboos and rock’n’roll, life, vulnerability, and strength.

Women March Together is our celebration that goes beyond a spring tradition. We will march towards a more positive and inspiring outlook on the present and future of women.

You’ll hear from us again early next week, with the first selection of our outstanding speakers.

Come on board and get inspired with us.
In March, Women March Together.

Check Facebook event for updates!