Behind Metamorphosis Series – episode 25: Gregory Caremans / part 2

June 27, 2020 by Roxana Marin0

Gregory Caremans: former speaker and host of Metamorphosis, but most of all, friend of TEDxBucharest. His specialization is the brain. He’s the former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels (Belgium). In 2014 he founded the Brain Academy which specializes in writing and producing high-quality brain-related content. Through his online courses, he has taught over 200.000 students worldwide how their brain works, and how it impacts their behavior. The Brain Academy has a partnership with The Economist (UK), PWC (Lux) and is a member of the Max Planck Institute of Brain Research (Germany). It has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (US). Here is Gregory in a 2 part interview behind the scenes. Big thank you to Alexandru Agatinei for being the best Metamorphosis interviewer. Video crew: Dragos Ilie, Razvan Dascalescu, Mihai Chican. #behindmetamorphosisseries #tedxbucharest #metamorphosis

Roxana Marin

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