How to handle competition the right way

October 27, 2019 by TEDxBucharest0

It’s just about time we stop treating competition like a threat and start making the most out of having it in the first place! What does this mean? Instead of channeling all your energy and efforts into dominating your competitors, you can take a breath of fresh air, start learning from them, and innovate based on observation of their strengths and abilities.

As a starting point, you should make a list of people or businesses that make a job at least as good as you – or even better – in the same niche as you are. Focusing on the ones you’re constantly outflanking just to make yourself feel superior is not going to be of any help on the long run. But analyzing and accepting your insecurities and the ones that are generating them it’s always a smart step ahead.

After you identify your competition, you can begin a thorough documentation. Not knowing what your competitors are doing can sometimes cost you your business and that shouldn’t be an option. Find out how they do things, how they approach critical or complex situations, how they treat their clients, their partners, their people. Be always aware of your professional environment and make sure that even if you’re not one step ahead yet, you’re dancing on the same playlist!

You’ve identified the ones worthy of competing with you, you know their moves, and now it’s time you start learning and doing – and not against them, but maybe with them! Yes, you read that right. If you’re already sure they are good enough to make you insecure from time to time and if you already identified common paths, why not start growing together towards the goals you both share? 

Ready to face your competition and start sharing the dancefloor? Maybe not yet but we know who can help you to do that! Our speakers’ lineup is full of amazing examples of doing just that and they are not only handling competition successfully, but they are also ready to share their view on the matter and their tips with you! So join us with an open mind and join your metamorphosis on November 16 & 17 at TEDxBucharest11!

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