Gender equality is no fairytale

October 26, 2019 by TEDxBucharest0

Most women do not fight for the sake of feminism; they fight “only” for gender equality. The concept of feminism might have lost some of its power in the last years, being ridiculed by people who believed that it represents “angry and bossy women who don’t want to stay in the kitchen anymore”. 

The truth is, this was never about women having more rights or opportunities than men, it is about having the SAME rights and opportunities as men. When talking about feminism and how you can support the gender equality movement, there are some things you can do to help. First of all, it starts with accepting the fact that there is a gender gap – salary, opportunity, respect and freedom gap. 

Once we all accept this fact, we can actually do better – it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, we can get involved in fighting inequalities. Find local or national organizations that help women get what they deserve and volunteer for this movement. Furthermore, you can also reach international humanitarian agencies that make it possible for women and girls living with war and violence to find help and opportunity instead of fear. 

Maybe you think that the above steps are time consuming and you might already be involved in other civil rights activities and that’s fine, but whenever you are on a street or in a situation where a woman needs help, don’t hesitate to do it, it might save her life. Even small actions can have a big impact. 

Yes, the gender equality concept doesn’t look like a fairytale and it’s not always easy to deal with it, but it’s a tough process, and together we can make it smoother – for everyone, no matter if you are a man of a woman, everybody deserves the same chances and a safe way of living.  

If you are looking for gender equality organizations to support, come at TEDxBucharest11 on November 16 to meet our speaker, Sofia Scarlat, founder & president of the GirlUp Romania organization. She has some amazing ideas that are really worth spreading! 


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