From curious girl to Universe passionate woman

November 24, 2019 by Radu Bucur0

Meet her at TEDxBucharestWomen 2019 on December 7th!

Silvia Batorii

Girls who code are awesome. Girls who dream about space travel are awesome. Girls who love science and engineering are awesome.

So, how do you fuel a child’s passion to make sure she becomes a BOLD+BRILLIANT woman?

Here is the recipe that worked for Silvia Batorii:

Encourage your girl if she has a passion for technical stuff. Silvia Batorii quickly got the nickname Minitehnicus as a child after creating imaginative toys out of Lego bricks or uncovering the mysteries of her first computer.

Don’t isolate children from art. It may not be the most obvious path to encouraging a young future techie but it really helps. Silvia remembers that her artistic experiences helped develop her thinking, creativity and spontaneity. And she also got more courageous in her interactions with people around.

Do as much as you can to expose your child to the right teacher. Silvia Batorii’s physics professor used to tell jokes about scientists but also challenged students to think about the applicability of what they learned in class. He created enthusiasm and excitement and that fueled her passion for science.

Allow space for a change of heart. Silvia struggled with programing and it didn’t feel like the right choice for her. She learned a lot by overcoming obstacles, but she was also able to make a significant change. She moved to study robotics and system automation and found her calling.

Many steps later Sivia became a BOLD+BRILLIANT woman who will share with you her first-hand views about space exploration, the secrets of the Universe and the relationship of the cosmos with humankind on the TEDxBucharestWomen stage on December 7th.

Tickets still available on

The content in this article is based on the interview Silvia Batorii gave to in June 2019.

Radu Bucur

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