4 Bold & Brilliant things about Simona Tache

November 24, 2019 by Radu Bucur0

Simona TacheSimona Tache is shifting her perspective. She is transitioning from a well-known journalist and blogger (and her self-confessed love for writing will never fade) to a psychotherapist who is motivated by the change she sees in patients.

You can see her on the TEDxBucharestWomen stage on December 7th.

But till then, here are 4 BOLD+BRILLIANT things you didn’t know about her.

  1. She had second thoughts about her education – during her high school years she didn’t get a clear picture of what she wanted to study for college. She was preparing for Medical School but she quickly realized it was not what she wanted to do. She hesitated between Philosophy, Psychology, Journalism or taking a one-year break to make up her mind. Pushed by her parents, she failed the Foreign Languages exam. After an encouraging talk with her Romanian teacher from high school, she gave an exam at the Faculty of Letters, without her parents knowing, and got in.
  2. She was afraid of writing but she quickly fell in love with it – while working at Humanitas she was tasked with writing letters to a few high schools. Simona recalls not feeling able to put two words together. Later, something changed, and she started writing more and more. She fell in love and that is how she ended up applying and getting a job at Tabu and later at Academia Cațavencu. Now she cannot imagine herself quitting writing. Who knows, maybe she will become a full-time writer. But now.
  3. She became a psychotherapist because she loves people, the way they work and their stories. And she also wants to break the myths and the concerns around therapy and to encourage more people to seek help. One of her great satisfaction is that she can see that therapy works and she enjoys measuring the results.
  4. She never felt like a blogger – many of us know her as a journalist. But we also enjoyed many of her witty, funny or serious blogposts. Yet she does not feel blogging is a real job. She enjoyed the freedom and the benefit of a platform where she could do the thing she loved most but she never liked being identified as a blogger.

You can see Simona Tache’s TEDxBucharestWomen Talk on December 7th. Tickets available on https://tedxbucharest.ro/buy-tickets-tedxwomen/ 

The content in this article is based on the interview Simona Tache gave to Andreea Vrabie in “Decât o Revistă” in April 2019.

Radu Bucur

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