Fresh Women, Fresh Offer

February 17, 2020 by TEDxBucharest0

In the spirit of always expanding our community of young TEDsters, we are launching the Student Pass for TEDxBucharestSalon – Women March Together. We are all starting something new at this very moment: a new decade for the TEDxBucharest community, a new university semester, new ideas, thus a new inspiration to march throughout this year.

So come on, get your colleagues, squad or crew and join us on March 7th at Auditorium Pallady.

To get the 25 euro/ ticket students dedicated offer, we need to see you are currently attending an academic institution. Give a valid student ID and will give you a promo code and our ❤️ in return (🎁 24 hours via email).

This is how we do it! ➡️ Fill the form!


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