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October 20, 2019 0

When studying Journalism, you hear endlessly about it being the fourth power in any democratic state, you read about it being portrayed as a watchdog, about its power of documenting and revealing the truth and everything important in any society. But is it really? Can we trust the way our journalists – and, above them as individuals, the media itself – handles the truth and writes about it?

Not only in our country, but everywhere around the world, faith in the media had its ups and downs over the years and was strongly tied to political, environmental, and social impactful events. The newspapers started disappearing from the shelves and going online, the internet made it easy for everyone to go viral and spread their opinions, our feedback and involvement in the mass media are now instant and each day more powerful. But what’s the one side of journalism that hasn’t changed its purpose and impact over the years and stayed true to its beliefs and practices? Investigative journalism, of course!

A crucial contributor to freedom of expression and media development, investigative journalism still gives us the hope and trust in the mass media institutions – no matter the country we’re talking about! The unveiling of matters that are concealed – deliberately by those who have the power, or accidentally, because of chaotic circumstances – and the exposure of all relevant facts to the public is still what we turn to for help in moments of crisis.

And Romania has Alex Dima – among many others – to rely on! He’s the one that never stops searching for the greater good, digging deeper enough to expose the hidden and ugly truths of the society we should all fight for. And on November 17 you can witness his determination and hear the stories behind Romania, te iubesc! – the media product that became a manifesto! Join us and be the one with ideas worth spreading at #TEDxBucharest11!



October 8, 2019 0

A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. This is a metamorphosis.
When we chose it as the theme for our 11th event, we had you in mind: our multi-generational community of participative seekers, thinkers, and doers. It’s been more than a decade since we’ve been sharing ideas worth spreading. From 1 to 11, we have changed. Now it’s time for a collective metamorphosis heralding the start of a new decade together.

We took stock of how far we have come while shining a spotlight on new luminaries, able to guide us further on the road to evolution. So there you go, you’ll meet 24 speakers and performers bringing on stage a multitude of topics: contemporary dance, AI and VR, executive coaching, architecture, wellness and leadership, hacking, sustainability, creativity and many more.

Until we meet, we’re excited to share with you the new speakers and performers have joined our line-up!

We also launched day tics and student passes, now available for purchase on and

Jorge Castellanos
Director of Technology at Rocket Insights
The audio wearables inventor & designer is an insightful leader, passionate about innovative products that can enhance people’s senses beyond the ordinary.


Paul Bulencea
Co-founder and CEO of The College of Extraordinary Experiences
The award-winning author, educator & entrepreneur focuses on producing uncommon experiences that trigger human transformation.


Silent Strike
The creative soul behind the soundtrack of Hackerville
Known for his Silent Strike x Deliric collabs, he is a catalyst for our music scene. The electronic/ film music composer won a Grimme Award & opened for Faithless, Bonobo and many more.


Bandersnatch inspired performance
You have the power to choose how your story goes. You are going to be the one to decide the fate of Cosmina Stratan (Best Actress 2012 at Cannes Film Festival) & Tudor Istodor (theatre performer & winner of 2017 EFP Shooting Star Award).


Alex Dima
Journalist @Romania, te iubesc!
The well-known journalist and activist, always promoting ideas genuinely worth spreading. Alex works on various investigations for a greater good. He started with theology & now brings awareness all around, while continuously striving for a better world.


Charles Michel
Culinary Artist/ Researcher/ Food Philosopher
He’s run a multidisciplinary community of artists creating immersive cultural events in abandoned urban spaces of Bogotá. Charles starred in the Netflix’ food show “The Final Table”, gave 2 TEDx Talks and presentations at Burning Man & The Royal Institution of Science in London.


Live Sketch Performance
RECUL is a creative environment, a theatre, a school & a space, focused on performing arts. Experience an exclusive live sketch performance with the cast: Vlad Dragomirescu, Bogdan Unitlă, Adina Maria Sandu, Adriana Bordeanu, Alexandra Băjan, Florin Lungu, Dan Miron, Dan Codreanu.