The impact of Investigative Journalism

October 20, 2019 by TEDxBucharest0

When studying Journalism, you hear endlessly about it being the fourth power in any democratic state, you read about it being portrayed as a watchdog, about its power of documenting and revealing the truth and everything important in any society. But is it really? Can we trust the way our journalists – and, above them as individuals, the media itself – handles the truth and writes about it?

Not only in our country, but everywhere around the world, faith in the media had its ups and downs over the years and was strongly tied to political, environmental, and social impactful events. The newspapers started disappearing from the shelves and going online, the internet made it easy for everyone to go viral and spread their opinions, our feedback and involvement in the mass media are now instant and each day more powerful. But what’s the one side of journalism that hasn’t changed its purpose and impact over the years and stayed true to its beliefs and practices? Investigative journalism, of course!

A crucial contributor to freedom of expression and media development, investigative journalism still gives us the hope and trust in the mass media institutions – no matter the country we’re talking about! The unveiling of matters that are concealed – deliberately by those who have the power, or accidentally, because of chaotic circumstances – and the exposure of all relevant facts to the public is still what we turn to for help in moments of crisis.

And Romania has Alex Dima – among many others – to rely on! He’s the one that never stops searching for the greater good, digging deeper enough to expose the hidden and ugly truths of the society we should all fight for. And on November 17 you can witness his determination and hear the stories behind Romania, te iubesc! – the media product that became a manifesto! Join us and be the one with ideas worth spreading at #TEDxBucharest11!


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