Episode 2: Alex Cotet – advertising director, copywriter and film writer, visionary. This self-taught professional doesn’t care much about “best practices” and “watch-outs”, as he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what an advertising campaign can say and show, or how long an ad should be.

About Behind Metamorphosis Series: In November 2019, 23 speakers joined our collective Metamorphosis. The carefully curated selection of luminaries and changemakers, from all walks of life and corners of the world, delivered ideas worth spreading. Their journey with us continued behind the scenes. We are sharing each week the insights into their craft in this Behind Metamorphosis series.

Big thank you to Alexandru Agatinei for being the best Metamorphosis interviewer.
Video crew: Dragos Ilie, Razvan Dascalescu, Mihai Chican


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