Dedicated Q&A w/ Flavia Richardson

March 6, 2020 by TEDxBucharest0

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?Q: What is the change you see / what are the changes you see in the conversation about women’s voice/role in the world?
?A: Now more than ever we are seeing women entrepreneurs and women in finance joining forces in creating grassroots initiatives to support themselves. Having evidence of why diversity is good for business, makes change possible across sectors and development stage. We are a lot better at communicating the benefits of diversity.

?Q: What still needs to be done?
?A: Everything starts with education and knowledge sharing in my view. Our ecosystems need more people to come together and share their experiences with one another and design programs that help address the challenges women entrepreneurs and women if other professions have in a collaborative way. The fact that we still need dedicated funding initiatives to support women go into entrepreneurship that will remain for many years to come, in my view, we can resolve quite a lot with just equipping entrepreneurs with the toolkit they require to build high-growth businesses.

?Q: With regards to our event theme, Women March Together, what is the glue that links us women to create a better, more conscious world?
?A: We are all together in this and we have shared experiences even if we are thousands of miles apart. Leaning on one another and sharing this understanding its something that we are just starting to do now in our generation. I think it is the most important thing that we can do as women to ensure that future generations will have a better experience in entrepreneurship and beyond.

?Q: What is the story you would say today about women?
?A: I would like to share a story about women in entrepreneurship and women in finance and how their destinies are interlinked. The future that they imagine and work on designing together today will determine the success of many generations of entrepreneurs and investors alike. It is the story about encouraging us to work together, share more and think about why this is the best time to start changing, and maybe that change is us.


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