Behind Metamorphosis Series – episode 13: Dex Torricke Barton

May 23, 2020 by Roxana Marin0

Meet Dex Torricke Barton, the Silicon Valley communications leader and brain behind nowadays masterminds’ speeches. Over the last decade, Dex has advised CEOs and major US and UK political leaders on strategic communications and thought leadership. He served as a speechwriter for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, playing a key role in the development of the UN’s digital strategy. Following this, he joined Google as the company’s first executive speechwriter, where he managed communications for Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Dex was also head of executive communications for Facebook, where he served as speechwriter to Mark Zuckerberg. Following this, Dex led communications for SpaceX, reporting to Elon Musk. As an immigrant and the son of a refugee, while being passionate about tech, public policy, and storytelling, Dex shifted his goal. He moved to London, became the Director of Brunswick Group, the leading critical issues advisory firm, and started working on issues around global connectivity and emerging technologies.

Big thank you to Alexandru Agatinei for being the best Metamorphosis interviewer. Video crew: Dragos Ilie, Razvan Dascalescu, Mihai Chican.

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