Sebastian Armean

Some of his fields of interest are mental health, psychopharmacology, bioethics, medical education and career orientation. A strong combo from which we will all benefit at Women March Together.

MD, PhD, valedictorian of Iuliu Hațieganu UMPh Cluj-Napoca, a specialist in Psychiatry and Clinical Pharmacology, CBT therapist and clinical psychologist. 

Time for an even bolded choice in our line-up you might say, but still an inspiring one. Sebastian Armean graduated Law School from Babeș-Bolyai University and served as an expert for the Romanian Academy. He now works as an Assistant Professor at his Alma Mater. 

In the chaos of unrealistic female standards, his point of view is meant to complement the array of topics we already lined-up for you. He will decode more myths on mental health, self-esteem, body image and how we live our corporality. In a month dedicated to women’s grace and strength, his ideas will raise our awareness and appreciation of what being a contemporary woman really means. 

Your first step into understanding why setting unrealistic expectations from yourself is a form of self-sabotage: attend TEDxBucharestSalon | Women March Together.



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