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October 31, 2019 0

The thought of working for your own interests, being your one and only boss and having the ability to organize your schedule as you want might sound really nice and cool, but the ugly truth is that being an entrepreneur is more than that. Here’s a kind reminder: many businesses fail. Before risking all your savings and quitting your stable job, you might need to ask yourself some hard but necessary questions.

First, are you willing to be financially responsible of your own business? Many people are used to receive paychecks, not to create them, so you need to ensure that you are mentally prepared for all the paperwork that comes with owning a business. The next question goes hand in hand with the first one: are you ready to sell?Because you are in charge of what happens with your business, you need to generate revenue by actively seeking investors, employees and most important – clients. And talking about selling – what’s your attitude towards the idea of taking risks? If you like a comfortable path and a cozy office, the entrepreneurial life might not be the right thing for you. It’s true that you can’t know all the risks from the beginning, but we believe it’s important to know at least how you feel about taking them in business. Finally, one of the most important and tough question for every future entrepreneur: are you comfortable with failure, including the public one? If your business succeeds, you are a rock star, keep up the good work! But what if it fails? Think about a back-up plan and what would you do in such a situation.

Nowadays, we tend to romanticize entrepreneurship. However, before you run into this chaos, take some time, talk with people and find out if this life is the right one for you. Some of our TEDxBucharest11 speakers have amazing entrepreneurial stories and they are willing to spread their ideas, so come and meet them!

photography & retouch: Bogdan Mocanu, Oana Bardan -