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November 1, 2019 0

Recycling is really a thing – promoted worldwide and supported by many. But still not by all! Somehow, it is not part of who we are as human beings and even though very alarming statistics show how badly we’ve damaged the world we live in, we’re still not getting used to reuse and recycle on a daily basis.

Recycling doesn’t only mean throwing our plastic, paper, and glass waste in different specific trash cans and saying no to straws when ordering the next cocktail or lemonade. Has it crossed your mind that you can literally recycle everything you own or use? Let’s take clothes, for example. You can either choose to reuse the stuff you have in order to create new outfits, you can donate them to people in need or to stores that will reuse them to create new items. Or we can talk about your electronic devices. Instead of just keeping your old phone in the drawer of your nightstand, you can give it to someone who might need it if still functional. You can use the buyback programs to return it to the store you bought it from or you can donate the parts that are still good and contribute to the creation of new items or help repair some old ones.

But what if we told you that even the materials you use to build your home, or office building, or shop can be recycled, can be put to better use, can reduce waste, and unnecessary labor? And because you don’t have to take our word for it, we’ve invited the amazing Mariana Popescu to tell you even more about how it can be done. Mariana has been named to MIT Technology Review’s prestigious annual list of Innovators Under 35 as a Pioneer and on Sunday, Nov 17, she’ll be on the TEDxBucharest11 stage to share with you her vision on how to use materials in unusual contexts and how experimentation can be a part of it! See you there!

photography & retouch: Bogdan Mocanu, Oana Bardan -