TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis

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November 16th-17th
Special Performance

Taraf de Caliu

Taraf de Caliu is the sound of authentic traditional music from Southern Romania.

Since 1991, their music conquered Western Europe in tours and performances on almost all continents. Their talent and roots have evolved with culturally diverse influences from Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Istanbul or London. If we are to name just a few of their fans and collaborators, we’d go for Yehudi Menuhin, Kronos Quartet (alongside which they produced), Johnny Depp (with whom they starred in “The Man Who Cried”) and Yohji Yamamoto.

After more than three decades of relentlessly touring all over the world, the founding members of Taraf de Haidouks came back and started a new project: Taraf de Caliu – comprising of: “Gheorghe “Caliu” Anghel – violin, Ionică Tănase – cimbalom, Marius „Marin” Manole – accordion / voice, Sile Neacșu- bass, Filip Simeonov – Clarinet, Viorica Rudăreasa – voice, Ionuț Gulună – voice.

Under the name of Taraf de Haidouks, the group was awarded in 2002 with BBC World Music prize for Best Group in Europe &  Middle East.

Taraf de Caliu’s


See how traditional music metamorphosed via global influences.

The musicians from Clejani are the last generation of lautari that carry on this authentic traditional music from Southern Romania, the music that made them acclaimed as one of the best gypsy bands in the world.

Under the lead of Caliu, the iconic violinist of the taraf, their music will lift you up at #TEDxBucharest11.



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