TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis

2 days / 23 speakers
5 exclusive performances
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NOVEMBER 16th-17th
Culinary Artist / Researcher / Food Philosopher

Charles Michel

Charles Michel is a nomad philomath studying the convergence of art, science and multisensory aesthetics. He recently starred in Netflix “The Final Table”.

Charles Michel was originally trained at the Institut Paul Bocuse and in classical fine-dining kitchens in Europe, including two years at one of the best restaurants in the world. Between 2009 and 2012, in Bogotá, he ran a multidisciplinary community of artists creating immersive cultural events in abandoned urban spaces. 

Based at Oxford University between 2013 and 2015, he studied the convergence of art, science and multisensory food aesthetics at the department of experimental psychology – publishing over a dozen papers in scientific journals on cross-modal sensory perception. He has given over 30 talks on the future of food, including 2 TEDx, and presentations at the Royal Institution of Science in London, and the Royal Society.

Today, he works as an experience designer in a variety of fields, as a Creator on Patreon, as a food educator, flavour expert, and as an artist using food and ritual as medium. He has been traveling for 3 years working with cutting-edge projects in sustainable development, community building, hospitality, and experiential art.



At the intersection of science, art, community and entrepreneurship, Charles aims to inspire solutions for important challenges in the ways humans relate to each other, and to nature.

At the intersection of community and social change, Michel helped design a sustainable village project in Ecuador, founded an artistic movement inspired by total art and cross-disciplinary collaboration. He designed transformational gatherings and directed events for hundreds of young leaders in Kenya, Europe and South America. 

You can now join the nomad philomath at #TEDxBucharest11.



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