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High Altitude Climber | Environmentalist | Free Spirit

Alex Găvan

A leading Romanian high altitude climber, Alex uses the best stage possible, the summits of the world’s highest mountains to advance environmental and social causes.

He reached seven 8000 m summits in the Himalayas by fair means, meaning without supplemental oxygen and high-altitude porters. Alex believes in aiming for excellence through honest performance while holding performance accountable at all times. For him, “climbing mountains Outside is climbing mountains Inside“.

He is the founder of “The Leadership Treks”, a personal leadership program ran at altitude for entrepreneurs and CEOs, whose mission is to empower individuals and teams to experience the joy of being their best selves through challenging and enlightening adventure travel experiences.

After surviving the earthquake and the Everest avalanche on April 25th 2015, together with his team he initiated “Joy for Nepal”, a humanitarian campaign where about 37.000 donors answered the charitable call resulting in building three schools for 300 children in remote Himalayan communities.

Alex is deeply involved in a series of environmental causes, such as the quest against illegal logging, protecting and conserving Romania’s virgin forests, Vacaresti Natural Park , cyanide free mining, Bucharest Green Belt or saving asprete, probably the world’s rarest fish.

Recipient of the 2008 “Gold Medal for Merit in Sport” (Spain), he was awarded twice “The Romanian Sportsman of the Year” by the Romanian Federation of Mountaineering and Sport Climbing and nominated twice more for the same award. He was listed as a 2012 “30 Under 30” honoree of Forbes Romania and he got the 2015 special award for activism from the Civil Society Development Foundation.

He was also included in the 2015 Foreign Policy Romania’s list “100 People and Ideas that Move the Country”, receiving also the FP Romania Special Career Award. In 2016, he was once again included in the same top, receiving also the award for activism. He is a former WWF Romania Ambassador.



We are the custodians of this planet, not its owners, and the role of being a custodian comes with great responsibility.

This planet means abundance, but for abundance to manifest each and every one of us shall take mindfully,  shall take only what is necessary, shall take only what we really need.



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