Co-founder and COO Code for Romania

Olivia Vereha

Tech has never been more civic and socially aware. Modern societies are investing constantly in tech infrastructures serving the needs of the many. And women are right there, active forces of change.

TEDxBucharest spotted this and is now welcoming Olivia Vereha, COO Code for Romania on our Women March Together stage.

HER story: with a solid background in communication, media and user experience design, while being passionate about digital, intuitive products changing the world for the better. After joining the civic tech non-profit Code for Romania, as a volunteer, Olivia quickly realised that was the place to be. Where technology empowers and enables people and communities to have a better life. Olivia has worked on designing software that changes systems for the public sector, NGOs, while climbing to the Chief Operations Officer role in the civic tech NGO. 

She is currently coordinating the Civic Labs, the program incubating and designing solutions for Romania’s most pressing in Education, Environment, Healthcare, Vulnerable Groups, Transparency and Civic Engagement. 

Secure your place to Women March Together and delve into the fascinating world of women innovating in tech. 



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