CEO turned into everyday Comedian

Andreea Georgescu

We asked this next TEDxBucharestSalon performer to send us her versatile bio. We knew her words would be more original than ours. Take a look below at how she describes her professional journey!

She’s a business owner in Romania. And stand-up comedian in New York. When she’s not being serious in Bucharest, most probably she’s making people laugh across the Ocean. This is how Andreea Georgescu spends most of her time, now always in between flights.

Her background is so diverse and nurtures her imagination while writing funny material. Andreea started studying at the University of Pharmacy in Bucharest, but finished Journalism. At the age 23, she joined Ringier, the largest media company in Romania, and launched the project that became the largest women website in .ro: Unica. She then became the Deputy Editor in Chief for the largest Romanian newspaper. She was also in the Ringier consultants team who has launched the first integrated newsroom in Romania and settled the editorial workflow for more than 110 journalists. And then Webspire happened. Andreea started her own digital business consultancy. Quite a ride!

Being so young and in key positions was not easy, but humor always helped her navigate any obstacle. That’s why in 2017, she decided to try on a new challenge: stand-up comedy. In New York. At Gotham Comedy Club. Performing on the same stage where George Carlin or Jerry Seinfeld stepped into the limelight. Wow! Andreea has collected stand-up comedy shows in over 10 clubs all over New York.

Don’t curb your enthusiasm, it’s time we let Andreea Georgescu raise the March vibes and show us the vitality of laughter.

Andreea is also curator for STRONGER TOGETHER AFTERPARTY, hosted by Qreator on the very same day, starting 7:00 PM. Creativity, style and good times guaranteed! All it takes is you grabbing that 7th March pass.



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