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May 4, 2020 by Roxana Marin0

Our third addition to this first New Times, New Ways online event is here!

Modulab is a research and development lab based in Bucharest with more than 10 years experience in prototyping. Their early projects focused on interactive installations for art and entertainment (interactive art, interactive museum exhibits, interactive installations for advertising agencies) and then evolved into industrial R&D projects. For the last couple of years, Modulab has prototyped several robots – social and telepresence robots, photobots, swarm robots and industrial robots.

Their latest achievement is the development of a highly adaptable autonomous robotic platform capable of navigating complex environments, avoiding obstacles and collisions, having multiple possible applications: inventory auditing robots, logistics sorter robots, mobile industrial robots, delivery robots etc.

We are so proud to be joined tomorrow by Ioana Calen (Co-founder & Creative Director) and Paul Popescu (Co-founder & Tehnomage).

Don’t forget, by joining our new TEDxBucharest online series, you contribute to a cause bigger than us. The “T” in TED stands for “Technology”, and in these difficult times we need it more than ever to shape New Ways for New Times. We support our friends at Modulab in their endeavor to build and distribute the MUV autonomous robot. It is designed to clean and sterilize hospitals in Romania and help the medical staff fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Here are more details on how you can contribute:
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