Open Skies, Open Minds speeches now ON

April 20, 2020 by Roxana Marin0

Happy Easter, TEDsters! Now taking a throwback journey to last summer and Open Skies, Open Minds community event. While preparing to share these days safe in our homes, let’s enjoy some inspo from our last summer speakers.

Staying safe at home means we get more time to travel with our imagination. From the coasts of the US to Ulan Bator, from the Baikal Lake to the Black Sea, Vlad Grigore tells the story of how adventures shape our lives. An avid explorer, Vlad takes us from crossing the frozen Baikal Lake on a motorcycle to rowing in the open ocean. In 2012, he founded Today You Can Do Anything, a community that helps others achieve their dreams and overcome their limits. He experienced The Mongol Rally – one of the Top 10 automotive endurance races and also crossed Baikal Lake on a motorcycle for 1000 km at -35 degrees C. He decided to bring the ocean rowing experience in Romania and created the Black Sea Rowing project, the only ocean rowing boat at the Black Sea. 

Roxana Marin

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