Transmedia artist and futurist

Ioana Mischie

At TEDxBucharestWomen she will present her latest developments of Government of Children – A Manifesto for Tangible Utopias (How A Society Envisaged by Children Would Look Like).

Romanian-born transmedia artist and futurist, awarded for filmmaking, cinematic VR,  interactive concepts. Member of Women in Film and Television Los Angeles since 2018.

As a Fulbright Grantee Alumna of USC School of Cinematic Arts, she researched transmedia storytelling as part of her doctoral study. Among her recent original transmedia franchises, she has created the project Government of Children (3D film, web, XR), a pioneering expanded documentary empowering children to see themselves as leaders and to redesign their society.

Co-founder and Head of Storyscapes, an NGO focusing transmedia storytelling and expanded narratives initiated in 2012 and since 2015 arts-based research collaborator of CINETic, a recently created Eastern European centre focussing the interaction between neuroscience and groundbreaking audio-visual paths. In Romania she activates as a transmedia futurist for audio-visual and educational entities.

Her cinematic paths combine long-term concepts, groundbreaking technologies and forms of expanded artistic impact. Envisioning the world as a neo-creative playground, she deeply believes that storytellers are the architects of the future (Buckminster Fuller).



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