2 days / 23 speakers
5 exclusive performances
an audience of over 1000 idea seekers

NOVEMBER 16th-17th


We are a temporary community of participative seekers, thinkers, doers. This year, we celebrate change as the fuel of our collective metamorphosis. Joining this interrelated journey will help you discover your own path to metamorphosis.

  • How can I reach the venue?
  • How long does the event last?
  • Which is the language of the event?
  • Should I bring my ticket?
  • Do I have to wear the badge all the time?
  • Will there be food or drinks at the venue?
How can I reach the venue?
It’s quicker by public transport. Still, the event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, so worry less about traffic and crowded parking lots.
Take a look at the venue info in the dedicated section.
The parking entrance costs 5 lei/day.
Remember the venue is also used by students and professors of Politehnica University, so respect to the heritage and protection of the location is mandatory.
How long does the event last?
2 days if you purchased the full pass, or 1 day if you opted for the day pass. Just kidding :), event starts early in the morning at 10:30 AM and ends early in the evening. So get ready to have your morning coffee, lunch and 5 o’clock refill coffee with us.  Please be on time to avoid crowding the registration area. Access is possible all throughout the day, nevertheless, we’ve got great content, not to be missed.  Please respect the schedule and enter the Aula before any speech begins. Full agenda with speakers and timeline, available here.
Which is the language of the event?
We have simultaneous interpretation (Romanian to English and English to Romanian). 
Should I bring my ticket?
You are kindly requested to bring your ticket, either printed or digital. We prefer digital for sustainability and easier registration reasons.
Do I have to wear the badge all the time?
Badges must be worn at all times during the 2-day event. And afterward if you are the collector type of TEDster 🙂
Will there be food or drinks at the venue?
We prepared a full experience, coffee, refreshments, and food. Lunch options include vegetarian dishes. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Here are your lunch options and where you can get them:
  • Pork menu: Pulled pork, pita bread, coleslaw salad, BBQ sauce potatoes (allergens: gluten, egg) – @Ground floor
  • Burger menu: Angus beef, bread, coleslaw salad, pickled cucumber, red onion, iceberg salad, BBQ sauce, potatoes (allergens: gluten, sesame, milk, egg) – @-1 & 1st floor
  • Vegetarian Pasta: pasta with ricotta, spinach and nuts (allergens: gluten, nuts, milk, egg) – @All floors
  • Chicken menu: Parmesan, parsley, potatoes, onion, tomato chutney.  Optional – tomato chutney (allergens: gluten, milk, soy) – @Ground floor
  • Beef Tacos: Angus beef, tortilla, iceberg salad, tomatoes, avocado, onion and parsley, beer (allergens: gluten) @-1 Floor
  • Vegan menu: Falafel, hummus, iceberg salad, tomatoes, avocado, onion and parsley (allergens: gluten, sesame, soy) @-1 Floor

  • What topics will the event cover?
  • What is the schedule of the event?
  • How should I dress?
  • How can I meet new people?
  • Can I get refund?
  • Can I use my phone during the speeches?
What topics will the event cover?
An array of carefully selected speakers and entertainers will join Metamorphosis this year. From sustainability to coaching and wellness, from AI, VR and technology ethics to creativity, architecture, cooking, contemporary dance or interactive theatrical performances.
What is the schedule of the event?
Full agenda and timeline are available on our website and TEDxBucharest app (soon to be launched for download in App Store and Google Play Store).
How should I dress?
Comfortable enough for all the ideas worth listening to.
How can I meet new people?
Networking sessions are planned in the event schedule. Be sure to check in on Facebook and share the content you love on Instagram. As TEDsters, we are all friendly and inclusive, but we don’t encourage excessive networking. Content and reflection time after each speech are more valuable to the individual experience.
Can I get refund?
Drop us a line on stefan.anghel@tedxbucharest.ro and we’ll sort things out quickly. A refund is possible for requests received until November 8th, 12 PM.
Can I use my phone during the speeches?
We have a strict policy regarding the use of phones during sessions as they may be disruptive to the speakers, performers and fellow attendees. So, please, put your phone on silent mode and dim the screen light.

Good to know

A quick preview of our mid-November encounter.


TEDxBucharest11 schedule is available. Please note that changes may occur in the speakers’ order and presentation hour.

Speakers & Performers

The line-up of Metamorphosis is now complete.

Photos and video recordings

When entering the event venue all participants give their silent consent to the organiser to use and broadcast this footage for any festival promotional activity.

Security & Safety

During the event, participants are required to comply with the security agents’ demands, to collaborate with them and to respect their instructions in cases of emergency.