We shine a spotlight on dazzling ideas and initiatives created by BOLD+BRILLIANT women. This event is a community celebrating women’s excellence and fearlessness.
You will enjoy a balanced agenda, split into live speeches from inspiring Romanian women & men and a curated portion of fresh speeches from TEDWomen2019 Global Conference in Palm Springs.

  • How can I reach the venue?
  • How long does the event last?
  • Which is the language of the event?
  • Should I bring my ticket?
  • Do I have to wear the badge all the time?
  • Will there be food or drinks at the venue?
How can I reach the venue?
You can join our event by any means you prefer: public transport, private car, cab or Uber. The exact entrance in Auditorium is located on the corner of Stirbei Voda with Calea Victoriei. Paid parking is nearby Sala Palatului. Take a look at the venue info on the homepage and check the video below to see the access area.
How long does the event last?
This is a one-day event, from 12 to 6 PM. You are kindly requested to join us from 11 AM for an easier registration process. Access is possible all throughout the day, nevertheless, we’ve got great content, not to be missed. We have prepared coffee & refreshments breaks, as well as a cocktail & networking session closing the day. Please respect the schedule and enter the Auditorium before any speech begins. Phones kept on silent mode is also a must.
Which is the language of the event?
Romanian & English for live speeches and English for TEDWomen 2019 selection of speeches. 
We want to ensure you the full TED experience, so translation services are provided.
These are the steps:
1. Please make sure you bring your smartphone AND headphones
2. Connect to wi-fi or your mobile data
3. Please install Interactio APP (available in AppStore & GooglePlay) or just web access this link.
    >>Use the code TEDx if requested.
    >>Click play.
4. Enjoy TEDxBucharestWomen speeches 🙂
Should I bring my ticket?
You are kindly requested to bring your ticket, either printed or digital. We prefer digital for sustainability and easier registration reasons.
Do I have to wear the badge all the time?
Badges must be worn at all times during the event. And afterward if you are the collector type of TEDster 🙂
Will there be food or drinks at the venue?
We prepared coffee, refreshments and a light lunch. Options include vegetarian dishes. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • What topics will the event cover?
  • What is the schedule of the event?
  • How should I dress?
  • How can I meet new people?
  • Can I get refund?
  • Anything else?
What topics will the event cover?
Ideas worth spreading from BOLD+BRILLIANT women: AR & VR, futurology, philosophy, mental health, ethics in molecular genetics and biology and many more. Extra musical and interactive performances will be part of the experience.
What is the schedule of the event?
Full agenda and timeline are available on tedxbucharest.ro and communicated on our social media channels.
How should I dress?
Comfortable enough for all the ideas worth listening. Don’t forget it’s December – a day at the museum :), so be sure to choose something suitable for this time of year.
How can I meet new people?
Networking sessions are planned and encouraged in the event schedule. TEDxBucharestWomen is the perfect chance to build a community of BOLD+BRILLIANT women supporting and promoting women. Be sure to check in on Facebook and share the content you love on Instagram.
Can I get refund?
Drop us a line on event@tedxbucharest.ro and we’ll sort things out quickly. A refund is possible for requests received until December 3rd, 12 PM.
Anything else?
We have a strict policy regarding the use of phones during sessions as they may be disruptive to the speakers, performers and fellow attendees. So, please, put your phone on silent mode and dim the screen light.

Good to know

A quick preview of our mid-November encounter.


TEDxBucharestWomen schedule is available. Please note that changes may occur in the speakers’ order and presentation hour.

Speakers & Performers

The bold & brilliant line-up is almost complete.

Photos and video recordings

When entering the event venue all participants give their silent consent to the organiser to use and broadcast this footage for any festival promotional activity.

Security & Safety

During the event, participants are required to comply with the security agents’ demands, to collaborate with them and to respect their instructions in cases of emergency.