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Episode 2: Creativity in the new normal

Is creativity flourishing or contracting under quarantine and social distancing? What is the new creative currency? What is your idea worth when it’s all you’ve got?

New Times, New Ways series has a multidisciplinary approach. And we’re keeping it fresh, cool and meaningful with this 2nd episode. TEDxBucharest becomes for this upcoming afternoon, a center for provocative thinking and meeting of creative minds.

For the second episode we’ve mixed and matched a special hybrid edition, focused on creativity and the origins of ideas. Digital content sits well with live speakers, so this is our new NTNW event, hosted and broadcasted live from the home of our Creativity Partner, Qreator. An afternoon that promises to ignore distances, bridge people and ideas, while imagining this new normal at Qreator and online, a space connecting creatives and creators alike.

the online series

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11th June 2020
4:30 – 6 PM | ONLINE

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Episode 2 features a diverse group of thinkers and doers, sharing actionable insights from a range of professional sectors and creative disciplines.

We’re bringing on the virtual stage inspirational figures and top-notch specialists, ground shakers and world movers.

Talks, conversations and moderated Q&As will shed light on the new normal, where we stand and how to act individually and collectively.

Communication & Marketing Specialist. Entrepreneur

Alex Dona

An entrepreneur and media specialist with a broad experience in TV, print and digital. Former Managing Partner of TimesNewRoman, founder of “Lupii Liberi“ music festival, radio host at RockFM and co-founder of the wine-centric platform

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Director of the Bucharest Art Pavillion – Art Safari & Independent Curator

Ioana Ciocan

Ioana is an independent curator and General Director of The Bucharest Art Pavilion – Art Safari, Vice-President of the Union of Fine Artists in Romania and member of the Scientific Council of Cotroceni National Museum. She regularly speaks at conferences regarding Art in Public Spaces and Curatorial practice.

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Entrepreneur & Marcom Expert. Co-Founder & Curator at BEANS & DOTS

Anca Ungureanu

With over 18 years experience in the field, working as Identity and Communication Director at UniCredit Bank in Romania and also having co-founded Beans&Dots specialty coffee shop in 2016, Anca is one of the most respected communication professionals in Romania and industry speakers.

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our manifesto

What are we talking about?

Creativity is entering a new, more nuanced era, while redefining its identity under new terms. Doing things that matter has never been more detrimental to the core of the creative self. Creativity is now almost a calling, and we’re here to preach this with our special 2nd episode guests.

Our conversations will illustrate how ideas cannot be confined by lockdown or restrictions. Instead, creatives fight to regain legitimacy and become more refined day by day. Enter: more sophisticated techniques, tools and strategies that address the issues of the current times.

Join us for an afternoon with unexpected stories about creativity!
the experience

Meeting online

Join us live, online, for the 2nd edition of NTNW, on our Facebook page and Qreator’s page, broadcasted live from from Qreator – Home Together Edition.
Save the date for June 11th, 2020 – 16:30 – 18:00. We’re providing a live streaming experience, just make sure you enjoy it with colleagues, friends or family.
who’s going to be there


Now more than ever, we all feel the need to connect. Staying at home should not mean staying apart. New Times, New Ways is our movement to feel as a community of TEDsters again. People from all walks of life, locally or globally based, will be joining the online conversations. Join us, let yourself immersed in this new framework of being, while expanding your universe of knowledge and ideas.
audience interactions

Special moments

We’ll be taking questions from you for the speakers and make sure we cater to your curiosities. We encourage you to show your reactions to what we’re doing.
And if the official regulations allow it, we might even be able to host a couple of you as an exclusive studio audience at the event. We’ll get back on that soon.

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